Valley of Azerbaijan

Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal.

The Scottish Rite in the Valley of Azerbaijan is a fraternal organization that provides its members with a life time of brotherhood, learning, mutual support, and commitment steeped in over 200 years of local history and tradition.  

Our Valley reflects the diversity you might expect from Baku, the melting pot of the world.  We have members from numerous vocations, countries, and belief systems and we come together in harmony to continue to shape our rough ashlars into perfect ones. 

The Scottish Rite affirms its unswerving loyalty to the fundamental purpose of Freemasonry, which purpose from time immemorial has been to improve and strengthen the character of the individual man, and through the individual, the character of the community, thus under girding the community with those spiritual values which give it strength and stability. The Scottish Rite believes that this purpose is to be attained by laying a broad basis of principle upon which men of every race, country, sect, and opinion may unite.

Believing that good and true men can be trusted to act well and wisely, the Rite considers it the duty of the Fraternity to impress upon its members the principles of personal righteousness and personal responsibility, to enlighten them as to those things which make for human welfare, and to inspire them with that feeling of charity, or well-wishing, toward all mankind which will move them to translate principle and conviction into action.

The Rite stands for truth and justice, liberty and enlightenment, fraternity and philanthropy, strict obedience to the laws of the land, and respect for their country’s flag. Such principles unite men and encourage the pursuit by them individually and collectively of worthy endeavors and the attainment of purposes inherent in them. In that unity, human character achieves its highest unfolding and provides man’s best hope for peace on earth and good will among men.